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For Everyone’s Well-Being and Peace-of-Mind

1. Offering: For the next several weeks we will not be passing offering plates; instead, offering plates can be found near each of the doors at the back of the sanctuary. Please put your tithes & offerings in them when you enter or leave. Since we won’t be taking an offering during the service, we will take time for everyone to share things for which they are thankful during the worship service.

2. Restrooms: If you use a restroom, please use the disinfectant wipes to wipe areas you have touched. You will find wipes and hand sanitizers in both upstairs restrooms. If a child needs to use the restroom, we would ask that an adult accompany them so that everything can be correctly cleaned.

3. Microphone: Since the services are recorded on CD’s for those unable to attend in person, we will use microphones for those making prayer requests and/or giving thanks. In order that possible germs not be passed around, the microphone will not be passed around. The person carrying the microphone will hold it for each person.

4.Odds and Ends: No decision has been made regarding Sunday School, Wednesday night Bible study, Communion. After a couple of weeks, we will begin to add these activities back into our schedule.

Thank you for your help in making worship pleasant for everyone.

May Birthdays

May 5 — Alison R
May 7 — Pastor Steve
May 18 — Fred D
May 20 — Ivy M
May 30 — Joan F

May Anniversaries

May 17 — Alden & Karen H
May 30 — Jay & Ivy M

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