Where we've been

Our Church came into being on September 23, 1867 when twelve active Baptists banded together to organize a new church on the "West side of the city." It was located at 3rd and Sycamore (now 3rd and Michigan) and was named, "Sycamore Street Baptist Church."

Because of the growing membership, a larger building of the former Universalist society was rented in May 1872 at 7th and Spring Street, the move resulting in a change of name to "Second Baptist Church." When the property was purchased three years later, the society again changed its name, this time to "Spring Street Baptist Church." In 1880 the City of Milwaukee renamed Spring Street to Grand Avenue and the church thought it best to change the name of the church to, "Grand Avenue Baptist Church."

Tabernacle Baptist Church - former building

In September 1886 the property at 17th and Wells Street was purchased where Tabernacle Baptist Church was built-patterned after the famous Spurgeon Tabernacle in London England. The stately building was dedicated on June 26, 1887.

Due to the rapid changes in the community life in which the church was located, and other factors, the congregation decided to relocate to our current location at 11530 West National Avenue. On Sunday October 3rd, 1966, the church took out a mortgage of $172,000.00 to pay for the new structure and on November 20th, 1966 the first Service and Cornerstone Laying were held. This was an appropriate day as it was Thanksgiving Sunday. The dedication service did not take place until the following spring in connection with our 100th Anniversary Celebration.

Twenty years later, on April 13, 1986 the burning of the mortgage took place. This was the fulfillment of many years of prayers, hard work, investment of time and money, sacrifice and dedication put forth by all the church members. We are grateful to have been able to pay the mortgage and put emphasis on mission giving.

With the burning of the mortgage the church was able to focus more on mission giving to such an extent that the denomination includes Tabernacle as one of 97 churches ranking high in per capita giving.

During the 80's and 90's the church membership declined in part because many of the newer members were executive employees and often were transferred from the area. There was also a fairly large number of deaths.

In Spring 2007, Tabernacle Baptist Church welcomed Rev. Steve Carlson as its Pastor.

In 2016 we commemorated fifty years of service to our Lord from the location He has blessed us with in West Allis. And now, in 2017, we mark 150 years of service to our Lord! We pray that we will continue to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in a manner that exalts and praises Him, and we look forward with great joy to the path that God created for our church.

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